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Written by: Ayesha Arshad
Published: January 5th, 2023

Hello everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Ayesha K. Arshad. I am an independent self published author (indie author) who focuses on writing fictional romance novels in the young adult genre and writing free verse creative poetry about human emotions and life.I try my best to incorporate a range of romance, science fantasy, comedy, drama and adventure themes into my books. Additionally, I love writing non-fiction articles for research papers and news articles about topics like agriculture, chemistry, medicine, social topics, business, marketing, and home economics.Presently, I am focusing on writing science fantasy romance novels, emotionally driven poetry books and in the future I hope to expand my writing pieces to recipes books. Ideally, I want to share recipes that cater to the needs of people who are dealing with eating disorders, medical conditions, food allergies and sensitivities.

Ayesha Arshad

The recipes are meant to help people who want to improve their diets despite medical difficulties. With that being said, you may find my latest works including my romance novel series "Ashiqui" and the anthology poetry series "Black Kitty’s Diary" available on online reading websites such as Webnovel, Tapas, and Wattpad.Likewise, these two series are available for sale on major bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books,

Ayesha Arshad - Black Kitty's Diary

Kindle, Ko-fi, Lulu, Vella and much more! Don't forget to check out the website links below. You can buy my books today in printed editions or ebook editions. If you can't wait just read my books online for free on Webnovel. Lastly, if you like my content, remember to follow me on social media and check out my blog on Medium. I am most active on Instagram so catch me there for more updates! Have a nice day. :D

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My books are available on online novel websites, e-books, and printed books. Check out the site links below! :D

Ashiqui by Ayesha K. Arshad

Ashiqui - Science Fantasy Romance Novel Series

"Step into the world of Ashiqui, a fictional alternate universe where supernatural beings dwell amongst the mortal race. Follow along the journey of two main characters, Raiszadah, a spicy catlike fire goddess who is stuck in the mortal realm due to family drama and Zhou Bai..."

Black Kitty's Diary - Short Stories & Poetry Books

"Sometimes our thoughts are jumbled, uneasy and conflicting. So, we write and organize the web of chaos within the mind that we ourselves weave. In writing this book, Ayesha K. Arshad..."

Ayesha Arshad - Black Kitty's Diary
Ayesha Arshad - Ashiqui

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Ayesha Arshad - Black Kitty's Diary

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Legal Disclaimer: All contents of the Ashiqui & Black Kitty's Diary series are created solely by Ayesha K. Arshad. This includes the written story content, editing, character designs and all concepts. Illustrations of the Ashiqui & Black Kitty's Diary series also known as the artwork of these books are owned by Ayesha K. Arshad. All rights are reserved, any reproductions of Ayesha K. Arshad's works without explicit consent of both the author and illustrator(s) and/or stock image contributors will be persecuted under federal and local laws immediately.